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Drivescop has amazing skill set...When i came in France: many people told me that it is very difficult to get French Driving Liciense.Fortunately, I got to know and joined Drivescop. They tought Theory lessons + Practical lessons in English which helped me to pass both exam in one go with good score :).If you are thinking that it is difficult to get DL in France without knowing French Language then i would recommend to contact Driviescop.Thank you Drivescop entire team.Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Amit Chhabra
Amit Chhabra
09:52 15 Dec 20
I had a great experience being part of this academy. With the help of the wonderful teachers here, I learnt so much about driving and was able to clear my driving test within one month of preparation. Teachers are very helpful and friendly and even though the aim is to prepare for the infamous exam, it was a lot of fun!
kartik abrol
kartik abrol
11:35 23 Feb 20
This driving school was a perfect fit for me. I had already ~10 yrs experience driving abroad, but needed a French licence. Richard, the instructor, had a great pedagogy and was very available and flexible. He provided me training even on holidays and weekends, he adapted to my busy travel schedule, including last minute changes, picked me up from and dropped me off at home and office. Really great service.
Pablo Ampuero
Pablo Ampuero
12:09 23 Nov 19
Its not an easy thing to pass these tests, particularly when speaking very little French. Drivescop helped me enormously by teaching in English , and helping through the process. I was also able to take the driving theory portion via Skype as I live about two hours from the school. Nice and honest people, i suggest this place. Driving with Richard was fun, he does a good job of explaining what the inspector will say in French, and what they expect of you to pass the test. And Valbonne is a cool town to visit with some incredible places to eat.
James M Pace
James M Pace
08:48 07 Feb 20
Very good driving school. As a foreigner who didn’t speak French very well, the school helped me prepare and pass my driving exams, as they speak really good English. A very pleasant and fun teaching experience, with very nice instructors.
Ivan Tabakov
Ivan Tabakov
07:49 27 Aug 19

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